5 Benefits of Standing
Desks for Gamers

Americans who game (including this writer) spend on average 16 hours a week gaming—it is important for them to find a comfortable way to do so. Although there are many reasons that gamers can benefit from using a gaming stand, we’ll focus on the top five.

1. It Is Better for Your Health!

Between desk jobs, commutes, and relaxation time, most of us spend the majority of our day sitting. If you aren’t able to get a standing desk for work, you can still slash hours off your daily sitting time total by using a gaming stand. The benefits of an ergonomic gaming desk include:

Having strained muscles due to bad posture could lessen the gaming experience and even make you want to decrease how much you game—don’t do that, just stand!

2. Standing Improves Your Energy (and Mood!)

Sitting for long periods of time can make you sluggish, leading to a dampened mood. Gaming is and should be fun—optimize it by standing. Standing naturally increases your energy and focus, rather than relying on sugary drinks or caffeine to give you an extra boost. Some gamers even say that standing at their workstation makes them feel like a commander, so who knows, it may even improve your skill.

3. It Can Help You Keep Track of Time

Desks that allow you to stand (and therefore require more awareness and concentration) reduce the chance of gamers sitting and playing for hours on end without taking healthy breaks. 

4. Adjustable Gaming Desks Offer Variety

Sit/stand gaming desks allow you to do whatever feels most comfortable during your session, which can help you stay focused overall. Maybe you enjoy sitting as you get started, but enjoy standing during action sequences to feel more involved in the game. A standing desk can fit certain gameplay styles that benefit from the player slightly moving around. 

5. More Space for More Equipment 

Sitting on a gaming chair or couch and gaming on your laptop is always a convenient option for casual gaming. The problem is that it can make games a lot harder to play, and it can become downright uncomfortable over time. A luxury standing video game desk offers more surface area for gaming equipment.

What is the best size for a gaming desk? One popular size is 30” x 40”, although most go up to about 30” x 60”. The exact right size gaming standing desk really depends on how much space you have available, what you’re playing, and the number of monitors you use. Just be sure to maximize your area by avoiding terraced standing desk converters and keyboard trays, which make the gaming experience a little clunkier.

Standing Desk Setup

A high-quality electric or power free pneumatic standing desk from The Standing Desk can provide a minimalist aesthetic for your home that maximizes your gaming experience. The Standing Desk offers several options that fit the bill for your ultimate gaming desk, depending on what you envision. All meet the standards of commercial grade construction, so you’re assured to have the stability you need for a gaming standing desk.

Your sit stand gaming desk can be customized to your liking, with various colors and sizes. For full immersion in dark environments, go with the dark Graphite Twill surface color. Or you may also be drawn to a natural Urban Oak surface or Neutral Twill. The laminated wood substrate provides a sturdy surface that easily stands up to the occasional spilled beverage.

If your standing desk gaming setup involves the works – an ergonomic gaming keyboard and mouse, multiple monitors on a stand, a wireless headset on a stand, and a few other peripherals – you may lean towards the largest desk surfaces with the greatest lifting capacity. Both the pneumatic Kloud desk and the electric Oben truly shine in this area, with large (up to 60” x 60“) desk surfaces and lifting capacity up to 150 lbs (Kloud) or 250 lbs (Oben). 

Cable management is a nice addition to consider, to keep the wires in check and make things a little tidier. Casters are another option that can make the desk a little taller for very tall users, and make it easy to reposition the whole gaming desk setup around the room. At The Standing Desk, your future of worry-free gaming is ensured by a five-year warranty.

Standing Desk Gaming Setup: Embrace the Beginning

Using a standing desk can come with a break-in period. If you aren’t used to standing for long periods of time, ease yourself into it. Adding a standing desk mat can make a huge difference in your ability to keep standing without noticing it. 

If you don’t already have a wireless headset for your gaming desk setup, consider adding one. When you stand, you’ll find you want to move around more while playing. A wireless headset makes that movement, and an occasional run to the kitchen while you wait for a game to queue, a lot easier.

Using a standing desk for gaming gets easier with time and will benefit your health in the long run.

Standing Desk Reviews

What do others like about their standing desks? Our reviewers are more than happy to share their thoughts.


Fred W.

The whole experience has been great. It arrived quickly, setup was easy to follow and the best is how easy it is to use. I’ve used electric desks before and this is much better!


Kathleen G.

The 60” Kloud desk is good looking and well-made. Not only do I have plenty of room for multiple monitors etc., it’s very easy to raise up and down. It’s heavy and I’m glad I added castors and cable management to it. It’s $30 well-spent if you want the flexibility to move it around.


Ultimate Gaming Desk: The Standing Desk

Remember, a gaming standing desk is not just for your gaming PC and peripherals. It’s for you! Most of us don’t think much about posture when we’re absorbed in our favorite pastime, and slouching takes its toll over time. An ergonomic gaming setup – the mouse, keyboard, desk, chair, monitors, everything – can make a huge difference in your comfort while you’re playing, and even when you’re not.

Take your gaming to the next level (literally!) with the different varieties of desks offered by The Standing Desk.