Dump your electric desk

Electric desks are drawing power all day long.

It’s not an environmentally-friendly choice.

Your right, electric desk do not draw a lot of power each day. But they do draw a little power, continually, all day, everyday, in millions of offices all over the world.

Everyone loves electricity – it’s great.

But motorized desks drain electricity 24/7 – and you use it for seconds each time – that does not make much sense.

Here are 4 simple reasons to go with pneumatic.

Our pneumatic desks are 8X faster than any electric desks and need no power.

Faster desks are more likely to be used – giving it a longer product lifecycle.

Low carbon diets/lifestyles are both good for you and good for the planet. Proof.

Cut down on e-waste by eliminating cords & circuit boards. They won’t be disassembled and recycled.