Healthy Employees and Standing Desks

Happy Healthy Workers

Want to keep your workers happy and engaged? Consider investing in their health and wellness with one of the top tangible benefits you can offer – a height adjustable standing desk. Leading tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Apple all employ standing desks as a workplace perk, and smaller companies can easily implement a standing desk program for the same reasons they do.

Health Benefits of Standing Desks for Employees

More than likely, your workers already know about the health potential of standing desks. Some of those known benefits include:

The physical, mental, and metabolic health benefits of standing desks are a boost not just for individual workers, but also for the company’s bottom line.

Reducing Risk and Workers’ Compensation Claims

Any amount of health improvement in the workforce helps workers show up consistently at their best. As just one example, musculoskeletal disorders make up about 30% of workers compensation claims in any given year. Standing desks are known to reduce musculoskeletal disorders by allowing workers to sit and stand comfortably. With a simple intervention like introducing standing desks to the office, businesses can help reduce musculoskeletal injuries, which can have a big impact by moderating employee health risk and reducing workers’ compensation claims.


Positive Workplace Vibes and Retention

Using a standing desk has been shown to elevate an individual’s mood. And that positive energy in a workplace is contagious – who wouldn’t want to be part of that? When workers are more comfortable, and they feel heard and understood, it’s easier to buoy the positive attitude of each individual worker.

Also, with today’s workers more inclined to weigh their job options than ever, retention is a focus in every business. Tailored benefits like ergonomic workstations demonstrate a genuine interest in individual employee wellness. In fact, standing desks are suggested by the Society of Human Resource Managers to aid employee retention in two ways – both as a way to support home office workers and as a way to support employee wellness initiatives.

Cool Office Aesthetic

Let’s not forget that a minimalist desk can have a cleaner, more modern appeal than clunky institutional furniture. Although a floating desk can lighten the aesthetic of a workplace, it’s also important that a standing desk should be sturdy. For businesses, any standing desk should meet or exceed BIFMA 5.5 standards for safety, durability, and structural performance.


Standing desks send a message about workplace values. Flexible desks show a willingness to allow employees to manage their own comfort. They show that the employer places a premium on encouraging small acts of self-determination throughout the day. Pneumatic desks with casters offer maximum flexibility for workers to choose not only how to position their body, but where to position their desk.

From a business standpoint, flexible standing desks ensure the ability to reconfigure the workplace quickly and easily as business needs change. Desk-sharing arrangements work better when the desk can be adjusted to fit workers of different sizes. And for businesses that offer work-from-home perks, an attractive standing desk can transition from the office to the home office, if needed.

As an investment, ergonomic standing desks have a longer lasting benefit than the foosball table in the break room or the fancy coffee bar. Desks are essential to the workplace. And a height adjustable standing desk is a perk that’s tailored to exactly everyone. Even workers who think they will never stand can share a desk with someone who does, or they may find that standing on occasion to collaborate on a proposal can lead to more frequent standing.

The best way to ensure happier, healthier workers is to support them with choices like the ultimate ergonomic standing desks for the workplace. Contact The Standing Desk today to get your standing desk program off on the right foot.