Standing Desk Accessories

Optimize Your Workspace

Great office accessories can improve your work experience by boosting productivity, making everyday office tasks simpler and more efficient. In a multi-desk/multi-monitor environment, these standing desk essentials create a cohesive aesthetic with thoughtful and intentional design. Optimize your work with every standing desk accessory you need to complete your office: a standing desk chair, an LED desk light, a desktop power outlet with USB ports, and standing desk cable management.

Pluto Power Port

The Pluto Power Port is a desktop power outlet with two different USB outlets (USB-A and USB-C) and two AC power outlets as well. These handy power ports help keep your devices charged in the most convenient way – and the most attractive as well. The Pluto desktop power outlet with USB improves your work experience by:

  • Charging multiple devices at once 
  • Creating a sleek, simple aesthetic (available in both black and white)
  • Providing easy accessibility so you don’t have to crouch down to floor outlets to plug in devices

The 360º access keeps your cords from getting twisted, and the 10 ft power cable easily reaches the nearest outlet with a single cord.

Rana LED Light

The Rana LED desk light brings focused task lighting to your desk to create a more ergonomic environment. These LED desk lights allow you to cast just the right amount of light, exactly where you need it. The result is a workstation that is easily customized to the lighting needs of each office, person, day, and task. Rana improves your work experience by: 

The Rana LED desk light is available in with either a sturdy base or a clamp-on design. Choose the clamp-on design to attach the light easily to your desk surface or shelf. Or choose the base option to perch the light on any flat surface, wherever you need it.

Cable Management

Standing desk cable management keeps cables and cords organized and out of sight. Because height adjustable standing desks have moving parts, cables can become unplugged or tangled during adjustments. These standing desk cable management systems are designed to flex along with the standing desk height adjustments to keep cords organized and out of the way. Cable management improves your work experience by: 

  • Creating a more organized, tidy workspace, which can positively impact productivity and mental health
  • Reducing the chance of cable damage from rolling over it with a chair and/or a desk
  • Decreasing tripping hazards
  • Encouraging a minimalistic, contemporary design

Easy-to-install cable management systems are available in three colors to coordinate with your standing desk base — white, black, and silver.

More Workplace Products You’ll Love

In addition to standing desks and accessories, The Standing Desk also offers a necessity for any height adjustable desk: ergonomic, adjustable chairs. 

Standing Desk Chairs

The goal of a height adjustable desk is to alternate sitting and standing time for maximum comfort. To reap the full ergonomic benefits of a standing desk, an ergonomic chair that supports sitting and complements the desk is a complete necessity. The Standing Desk offers a range of chairs and a stool for use with standing desks and throughout the office. Choose from executive task chairs, height adjustable task chairs, and active sitting height adjustable stools to complete your ergonomic office experience. 

Desk Bases

For those who already have a desk surface or prefer to DIY their own custom standing desk with a state-of-the-art standing desk mechanism, The Standing Desk offers standing desk bases. With the base alone, you can affix just the right surface to complement your office, and reap all the benefits of a height adjustable desk.