Standing Desks for Programmers, Developers, & Designers

Whether you’re a programmer, developer, or designer, you probably know the pain of moving after you’ve been sitting at your computer for a while completely absorbed in a task. For these jobs, long hours at a desk often come with the territory. That doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Given what we know about the hazards of sitting too long and the benefits of standing, the best desk for programmers may be a programmer standing desk.

Coding is unique because it requires a great degree of focused attention. Most programmers and software designers appreciate the value of a distraction-free work area, and carefully guard their productivity to complete tasks efficiently. Although meetings and team work may be part of any given day, lines of code are generated when a programmer takes a focused moment to interact with the keyboard, so a comfortable desk is part of the equation.

The ideal desk setup for programmers begins with an ergonomic chair that can be adjusted to the correct height, with the right amount of lumbar support. An ergonomic keyboard and mouse, and monitors adjusted to the right height, are part of the equation as well. Beyond that, the item that has the most potential for people who want to improve productivity, reduce back pain, and score other health benefits is a programmer standing desk.

Programmer Standing Desk Types

If you decide to try a programmer standing desk, there are a several options available, including fixed standing desks, standing desk converters, and height adjustable desks. 

Fixed standing desks remain in one position. For a programmer or developer, standing all day while working tends to become even more uncomfortable than sitting at a traditional desk. 

Standing desk converters, on the other hand, offer an option if you already have a traditional desk and want to try standing sometimes as well. For a developer, these converters are usually less than ideal because they offer less surface area than the original desk, and don’t adapt well for multiple monitors, which limits the vertical display area. 

Height adjustable desks (manual, electric, or pneumatic) allow you to transition between sitting and standing postures as needed. Adjustable desks offer greater comfort, since you can change positions whenever you feel the need, and they offer greater surface area. The easiest height adjustable desks have a powered lifting mechanism – either pneumatic or electric – to provide smooth and quick adjustments from sitting to standing.

Between the types of desks that have a powered lift mechanism – pneumatic and electric standing desks – it’s hard to say which is the best programmer standing desk. Some will prefer an electric standing desk, while others prefer a pneumatic option, and there are subtle differences between them.


Electric Programmer Standing Desk Details

Electric desks for programmers provide powered lifting assistance, boasting some of the highest weight capacity ratings among standing desks. Electric standing desks are offered in a wide variety of sizes to fit the amount of work space you have available.

A large desk like the Oben electric desk sports a work surface up to 30” x 60”, which is plenty of space for multiple monitors, headphones, a few documents, computer, peripherals, and other items that need to be close at hand. Brushless electric desk motors are designed to handle heavy loads, so even factoring in the weight of all the equipment on the desk, an electric desk should easily be able to handle everything a programmer or developer needs. The Oben electric desk, for example, is designed to lift and lower up to 250 lbs easily.

Pneumatic Programmer Standing Desk Details

Pneumatic standing desks also come in a range of sizes to fit your work area, and their quick, quiet lift mechanism makes transitions smooth and easy. If you have a generous amount of space available, the best pneumatic standing desk for developers is often the largest, such as a Kloud standing desk with a work surface up to 30” x 60”.   

Pneumatic standing desks generally have an “ideal use weight” around 30-50 lbs, which should be sufficient for a dual monitor desk, although it may require a small amount of manual assistance if there’s a very heavy load. Weight adjustable pneumatic desks like the Kloud can offer up to 150 lbs ideal use weight, which is more than enough to provide complete powered lifting for most multiple monitor setups.

Other Standing Desk Details to Consider

Standing desk materials and finishes vary from the sleekest stainless steel to Formica and wood. Powder-coated stainless steel is among the strongest and most durable frame materials, and it comes in a variety of color options. A laminated wood work surface, which is also available in multiple colors, and can stand up to occasional spills and has a tacky enough texture to keep items from sliding off easily. 

In order to put together the best desk setup for programmers, the last important detail to think about is cable management. Given that each monitor and device has its own cord, it’s important to keep everything tidy for aesthetic reasons and for safety as well. A cable management accessory makes the desk more appealing, and it flexes when the desk is raised and lowered to keep things from coming unplugged. 

How do you find the best desk for programmers? Try one for about a month to make sure it’s the right fit. The Standing Desk’s 30-day risk free offer makes it simple to see if you’ve found the developer standing desk that’s right for you.

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