Ask Yourself...Why Buy an American Made Desk?

There are plenty of standing desks on the market and some of the coolest standing desk brands sell pretty cheap electric desks. Why should you buy and an expensive power-free desk made in the USA?

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We are just like you....but..

We Make Amazing Desks

Our desks are built by hand, by 3 people, in our Grand Rapids facility. We knew at the beginning that we wanted to make a desk that would outlast us, a piece that would work just as well on a plant floor or modern office as it does in a kids' bedroom.

We sourced Swiss steel, which has extremely tight tolerances, German pneumatic components, which perform the best in the world and we put it into our desks to create the fastest and most reliable standing desks ever made.

Our Company

We are small but mighty

The Standing Desk is made up of a team of around 10 people. We love what we do and we are working together every day to ensure our customers love their desks and their standing desk lifestyle.

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Thank you for shopping with us. It’s good to have you here.

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