The Ändern


  • Single column power free pneumatic desk
  • 30″ x 48″ or 24″ x 40″ work surface
  • Perfect for laptop workers & smaller spaces
  • Fast & free shipping | 5-year warranty

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Sleek, simple, and built to perform

Single column power-free standing desk – tested to BIFMA X5.5 standards

Power-free and powerful

No cords and a weight capacity to fit most users

Easy Setup Easier Use

Simple to set up and even more simple to use.

Fast & Mobile

Raises and lowers in 3 seconds add casters to make it mobile.

Work Surface & Base Colors

Made with recycled engineered wood and durable Formica
About Our Work Surfaces





Urban Oak





Neutral Twill





Graphite Twill





Dover White

Stone White – Base
Silver – Base
Charcoal Black – Base

Desk Specifications

Finding the perfect desk is important

Powder-Coated Precision Steel Base. Recycled Engineered Wood Internal Material With A Formica Finish.
Lifting speed
3 Seconds = FAST!
30"x48" or 24"x40"
Adjustable range
Glides - 27.75" low & 45.25 high
Casters - 29.5" low & 47" high
Asymmetrical Trapezoid – 38″ wide in the front
Dimensions in inches [millimeters]

Performance Testing

Does your next desk meet BIFMA X5.5 testing standards?



Lifting Capacity








Lets rethink what is

important about a desk

Slow desks won’t be used, a wobbly desk won’t be used, a desk that can’t hold your content won’t be used. Let’s make sure you are getting the right standing desk.

The Ändern Base

Already have a great work surface? Use our pneumatic base to make it a standing desk.

I like how easy the desk moves up and down. Customer Service is excellent. Product shipped the day of order.

Catharine M
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October 25, 2020

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