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Power Free

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The Ändern



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Sleek, simple, and built to perform

With no power cords to tie you down and a weight capacity that fits most users the Ändern is our minimalistic standing desk. Designed for smaller spaces with the performance our users have come to expect. This single column power-free standing desk is tested to BIFMA X5.5 standards

I like how easy the desk moves up and down. Customer Service is excellent. Product shipped the day of order.

Catharine M

Desk Details


Lifting Speed

The Ändern lifts and lowers in 3 seconds. That's 8X's faster than any electric desk.

Work Surface Size

The Ändern comes with a large 30" x 48" or 24" x 40" work surface in dozens of color options

Desk Weight Capacity

The Ändern ideal weight capacity is around 30 - 40lbs. Most people have about 15lbs on their desk.

Desk Materials

Square steel powder coated column and a durable Formica finish work surface with recycled wood substrate.

Adjustable Range

With glides the Ändern's lowest point is 27.75" & it's highest point is 45.25". With casters the lowest point is 29.5" & it's highest point is 47"

Desk Base

The base is an asymmetrical Trapezoid and is 38″ wide In the front.

Dimensional Drawings

Dimensions in inches [millimeters]

The Ändern Base

Already have a great work surface? Use our pneumatic base to make it a standing desk.