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You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

Frequently Ask Questions

Questions about your order

How soon will my product ship?

Your order will ship either on the day you placed the order (before 3 pm) or the next business day. Products should arrive in most places in the lower 48 states within five days, more often 2 or 3 days.

How can I track my order?

Visit the order tracking page and enter your billing ID and email to get your tracking number. Use the tracking number at FedEx’s tracking portal. If your order does not show a tracking number, it has not shipped yet.

Do you have a payment plan like Affirm, Klarna or Paypal?

Yes, we do. We use Paypal’s new pay later program which is available when selecting Paypal as your payment option during checkout.

I never received my order confirmation.

This happens occasionally when an email provider blocks emails from websites it may be unfamiliar with. Check your spam folder. We know…you already did that, but if you do not find it there, feel free to reach out.

How many packages are being delivered?

Most of our desks come in two separate packages with the desk base in one (50lb – 60lbs) and the work surface in the other (40lbs – 50lbs).

The Oben desk comes with a base box (40lbs), a foot box (10lbs), and a work surface box (50lbs 60lbs). The Mobel comes in one package around 30lbs.

My order was damaged in shipping.

First, we are sorry about that, this issue frustrates us as well. Please let us know as soon as possible if your order was damaged due to shipping by using our contact form here.

30 day risk free trial

We are so confident you’ll love your desk that we want to let you try it for 30 days.

If at the end of the 30 days you do not want to keep the desk, send it back in its original packaging and we’ll refund your purchase and pay the shipping! How easy is that? The offer applies to desks only, as we partner with an American chair manufacturer who makes the chairs on demand. Offer not available outside the United States.

See full details here

My order is missing a part.

Sorry about that. Please contact us here – let us know what is missing and we’ll send you a replacement part either that day or the next business day. Again we are sorry that happened.


What is covered by the 5-year warranty 

  • Your desk and all its components 
  • Work Surface 
  • Cable Management
  • Casters and Glides 
  • Defective materials or workmanship of the base affecting the operation of the height-adjustable desk 

What is NOT covered by the 5-year warranty

  • Seating. We partner with an American chair manufacturer for our seating products. They do not accept returns, so we cannot either. If there is a manufacturing defect please let us know
  • Normal wear and tear of the work surface or paint finish of the desk base with use over time 
  • Conditions, malfunctions or damage resulting from normal wear and tear, improper installation, improper maintenance, misuse, abuse, or alteration. 
  • Accessories, connected materials and products, or related products not manufactured by The Standing Desk 


See the full details here

Return Policy

Click here to read about returns and refunds.

Please note: we are unable to accept returns on seating products.  We partner with an American chair manufacturer for our seating products. They do not accept returns, so we cannot either. If there is a manufacturing defect please let us know

Questions about the desks

Where are your desks made?

Our desks are built by hand in our Grand Rapids, Michigan facility. The desk actuators (pneumatic and electric lift) are designed and made in Germany. The steel for our desk is sourced in Switzerland because it has the highest tolerance or strength. of any steel type.

Check out our reviews to see what users had to say.

What are the work surfaces made of?

The 1.125″ thick worksurfaces come in 5 classic Formica laminate colors. We picked Formica for its durability and long life. The substrate is a recycled wood particle board that will not bend or warp like solid wood tops.

For smaller spaces, go with the Andern Pneumatic or Andern Electric with a 40″ wide top.

If you want a large setup, go with the Luften, Kloud, or Oben and a 60″ wide top.

How stable are the desks?

Our desks are very stable because we use high tolerance steel, wide glides, and inset column mounting to reduce movement.

But, the truth is all standing desks will move when they are fully extended. Yes, there are 4-leg and 3-leg setups that show almost no movement, but they are pretty pricey. We find that 95% of users end up not noticing the desk movement after a week or 2 of use.

If you have any issue with your desk and want to send it back you’ll have 30 days from the date of purchase to do so.

This is an expensive center column desk from one of the largest furniture groups in the world. It’s an awesome desk, but it moves when extended.

Here is our center column electric, with a human on it, for comparison.

Why no programmable handsets?

After years of user testing in corporate environments, we found too many potential accidents can happen when you are able to push a button and walk away from your heavy desk while it moves up and down. Even with collision detection on our electric desk, we still do not think it is worth the risk of losing a finger! Our electric desks require the user to be engaged with the desk while it moves up or down.

What is the setup or reset process for electric desks?

SETUP / RESET INSTRUCTIONS: Must be done before use.

1. Press the desktop DOWN and the desktop UP buttons simultaneously on the handset.

2. Keep the buttons pressed until the desktop reaches the MIDDLE reset position and has come to a
complete stop.

3. Release the button(s). Your desk is now fully functional!

How do I clean the work surface?

In most cases, you only need to use a clean, damp, nonabrasive cotton cloth and a mild liquid detergent or household cleaner. Clean the soiled area using a rotating motion. The following is a list of household cleaners Formica Corporation recommends for use in the everyday cleaning of Formica® Brand Laminate:

  • Liquid dish soap like Dawn®
  • Fantastik® All Purpose Cleaner
  • Formula 409®
  • Pine-Sol® (original formula)
  • Windex®


Read the full details

Can I attach a keyboard tray or floor mat?

Yes, the keyboard tray should be no issue. There are pre-drilled holes for the control handle but you can mount it anywhere under the work surface to make room for your keyboard tray. We have several keyboard trays installed in our office.


As for floor mats, most come in 36″ x 48″ or smaller which will work with all of our desks.


The Luften and Andern desks have a front leg spread of 48″

Do you ship to Canada?

We do. We have a $250 flat fee for Canadian shipping. Now go shop! =)

What is the total desk weight?

Desk bases weigh between 45lbs and 60lbs. While the work surfaces can weigh between 40lbs and 60lbs. So figure between 100lbs and 120lbs.

The larger 30″x60″ work surface weighs around 60lbs.

Is the product stress tested?

Our desks meet BIFMA x5.5 standards. BIFMA x5.5 is a furniture industry test for strength and functionality.

The Kloud: How do you adjust the weight capacity?

The weight capacity can be adjusted using a standard 10mm socket wrench. See video on how the Kloud desk works:

DIY Desk. Base recommended work surface sizes

The desks are tested to perform with the work surface sizes available on their respective product pages. Using a work surface size much larger, smaller, or lighter will affect the performance of the lift. If your desk top is a couple of inches outside of the recommendation it still should work fine.

Kloud – ideal desktop size 30″ x 60″ or 30″ x 48″

Luften – ideal desktop size 30″ x 60″

Oben – ideal desktop size 30″ x 48″ up to 72″ wide

Andern – ideal desktop size 30″ x 48″ or 24″ x 40″

Do you sell work surfaces on their own?

No, we do not. Any orders of this type will be refunded.