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    Small Footprint

    Designed for small spaces and multi-use

    Power-free & Powerful

    Holds around 35lbs and still moves easily up and down


    At 17lbs, the Mobel is easily moved to find the perfect spot


    A 10" adjustable range makes this an end table or a laptop desk.

    The Go-Anywhere Table

    A stylish side table or a quick-convert laptop desk, the power-free pneumatic Mobel table converts with a quick push. Lightweight @ 17lbs, with a 35lb carrying capacity, the Mobel pneumatic table goes wherever you need it.

    Simple & Stylish

    Just pull it up or push it down. Use it all day, then tuck it away.

    We're in an apartment and we needed something both my husband and I could use for lots of things. The Mobel works perfectly.

    Ananya D
    German Components, Swiss Steel, Made in Michigan

    Mobel Details

    Desk & Work Surface

    Adjustable Range
    19.5″ to 29.5″ (10.5″)
    Table Weight Capacity
    35 lbs.
    Table Weight
    17 lbs.
    Desk Materials
    Round steel powder-coated column and a durable Formica finish work surface with a laminated plywood substrate
    No triggers or buttons to lift or lower, simply pull up to lift and push down to lower.


    Install PDF


    What is covered by the 5-year warranty
    • Desk base assembly and all its components
    • Work Surface
    • Defective materials or workmanship of the base affecting the operation of the height-adjustable desk


    Where are your desks made?

    Our desks are built by hand in our Grand Rapids, Michigan facility. The desk actuators (pneumatic and electric lift) are designed and made in Germany. The steel for our desk is sourced in Switzerland because it has the highest tolerance or strength. of any steel type.
    Check out our reviews to see what users had to say.

    How soon will my product ship?

    Your order will ship either on the day you placed the order (before 3 pm) or the next business day. Products should arrive in most places in the lower 48 states within five days, more often 2 or 3 days.

    Payment plans like Affirm, Klarna or Paypal?

    Yes, we do. We use Paypal’s new pay later program which is available when selecting Paypal as your payment option during checkout.

    30 day risk free trial

    We are so confident you’ll love your desk that we want to let you try it for 30 days.
    If at the end of the 30 days you do not want to keep the desk send it back in its original packaging and we’ll refund your purchase and pay the shipping! How easy is that? The offer applies to desks only as we partner with an American chair manufacturer who makes the chairs on demand. Offer not available outside the United States.
    See full details here