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Are Standing Desks Good for You?

Standing Workstations Make Working Better

If you’re sitting down as you read this, there’s a good chance you’ve been sitting too long. The fact is, most people who work primarily at desks are logging more time sedentary time than they’d like, and most people are aware that exclusively sitting all day or standing all day has some definite downsides. A standing desk offers the promise of increased time standing; even better, an adjustable height desk offers an ideal way to sit and stand. Having the ability to both sit and stand throughout the work day boosts both physical and mental health.

Benefits of Standing Desks

Most of the advantages of standing desks come from the ability to alternate positions, so sit to stand desk models offer versatility that surpasses either traditional desks or fixed standing desks. Having the ability to mix sitting and standing throughout the day benefits our bodies, or minds, and our work life too.

Physical Health Benefits

Adopting a standing desk can benefit nearly anyone’s health. Because height adjustable desks encourage movement, they are especially useful in alleviating muscle pain associated with sitting all day. Standing desks also reduce the chance of physical health-related issues like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and obesity. In addition, the simple act of standing vs sitting has been shown to help burn more calories by engaging more large muscles. Many people even find that introducing standing desks to an office helps to encourage exercise during the work day.

Mental Health Benefits

Standing desk users report experiencing decreased stress levels and a greater sense of autonomy. The ability to finely tune standing desk ergonomics helps to reduce muscle tension in the back and neck, which also decreases the chance of headaches and insomnia. Standing desk users can also notice increased happiness because they are more inclined to move throughout the day.

Work-Related Benefits

Using standing desks has been shown to improve productivity in the workplace. Standing intermittently improves energy levels and reduces the need for caffeine, which can lead to energy crashes. And if that’s not enough, the sleek design of adjustable height desks from The Standing Desk create a calming, modern aesthetic in the workplace.

Types of Standing Desks

The Standing Desk offers a selection of standing desk models to suit every body type, workstation setup, and budget.

Pneumatic Standing Desks

Pneumatic standing desks are designed to raise and lower the desk surface with help from an air powered cylinder. These height adjustable desks are quick to adjust, quiet, and easy on the environment.

The Klöud

People who are looking for a large pneumatic desk that provides heavy duty lifting assistance prefer Klöud–model. This weight adjustable sit to stand desk can lift up to 150 lbs. Its surface is available in four colors, and the base is available in three. Choose from two surface sizes – 60” and 48” width.

The Lüften

Those who prefer a minimalist pneumatic desk with dual center columns prefer the Lüften, which is capable of lifting up to 40 lbs, far more than the average workstation load. The Luften’s 60” wide surface is ideal for larger monitors, and comes in four colors. The base is available in three colors.

The Ändern Pneumatic

For more compact spaces, the Ändern is a slightly smaller desk, ideal for laptops or for smaller monitors. The single column pneumatic base is available with the same three color options, and the 48” and 40” width surface is available in four colors.

Möbel Desk

For spaces that serve multiple purposes and need portable work table, the 15-lb Mobel desk provides a perfect solution. The height adjustable pneumatic occasional table converts easily to a laptop desk and back again.

Electric Standing Desks

Electric standing desks provide electric powered assistance to raise and lower the desk surface. The Standing Desk’s electric models feature quiet brushless electric motors, and are capable of lifting some of the heaviest desktop loads.

The Oben

The Oben is the largest, strongest electric standing desk option, able to accommodates up to 250 lbs. weight capacity. The two surface sizes (60” and 48” width) are available in four colors, while the base is available in three. With its sturdy split leg design, the Oben can be used with a treadmill.

The Ändern Electric

Similar to the pneumatic Andern, the Ändern Electric is a slightly smaller desk (48” and 40” width surfaces available) that works well for laptops or smaller monitors. This model is available with three color options for the base and four for the surface. This sturdy desk has a single-column steel frame that holds up to 150 lbs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Standing Better Than Sitting?

Alternating between sitting and standing is the ideal way to work—too much of either can lead to unnecessary muscle pain.

Do Standing Desks Improve Productivity?

Yes, standing desks have been shown to increase productivity and focus levels among users, even those with ADHD.

What Type of Adjustable Height Desk Is Best for Me?

When choosing a height adjustable desk, an adjustment mechanism that assists with lifting and lowering the surface provides a vastly superior experience. A pneumatic standing desk will be quiet and quick, with a low carbon footprint and flexibility to be positioned away from a wall outlet. An electric desk can lift some of the heaviest loads with ease. The most important factor is to find a desk that fits your space and the objects you keep on your desk.

Feel Great with a Sit to Stand Desk

When you use a standing workstation, you have the flexibility to work in maximum comfort. Find the right standing desk for you and experience the difference a standing desk can make.