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8 Reasons Pneumatic Standing Desks are Better – Video

2:00 minutes

1. Pneumatic desk = power free mobility

A pneumatic workstation offers complete mobility to keep your space flexible. There’s no need to set up shop near an open outlet – unless you want to. Add lockable casters and slide your workstation around wherever you need to, without running over your desk cord. Change your room layout easily, whenever you feel like it. A strong, lightweight tabletop – like particleboard surfaced with Formica – means there’s no need to call in the furniture movers when you rearrange.

  • No extra cords = easy to relocate and no risk of running over your desk’s cord
  • Lightweight (if you opt for a strong, but lightweight tabletop)
  • No outlet-based limitations on where you can take your desk
  • Total mobility (just add lockable casters)
  • Total freedom with your room’s layout

2. A pneumatic desk can raise or lower in less than 3 seconds.

That’s less than the time it takes for one breath. (And it’s about as whisper quiet.) Compared to an electric desk, a pneumatic desk moves 8X faster. These quick, smooth adjustments are the hallmark of pneumatic desks, and add a lot to the overall enjoyment of using a standing desk.

  • 8X faster than electric
  • Easier to operate
  • Quieter
  • Smoother, satisfying adjustment

3. A pneumatic desk = the easiest way to start standing – or stand more

A pneumatic desk is the easiest way to support the active, standing lifestyle. Why? A pneumatic adjustable height desk supports your natural movements, moving at pace with you as you change positions throughout the day. Quick adjustments mean you can easily tweak the height until you hit just the right spot. Find the sit/stand rhythm that works best for you, with no training needed to adjust the desk, and no complicated presets.

The overall usability of a pneumatic desk lets you gradually build the muscles needed to stand more — and to make a real change over time. With a pneumatic sit-stand desk, you still have the option to sit as needed. When transitions are so easy, they become second nature. And that’s the key to lasting change.

  • No-pressure way to start standing; you still have the option to sit
  • Slowly build muscles for standing over time — alternating between postures — for lasting change
  • Fine-tuned adjustment to find your unique sweet spot, easily
  • 3-second adjustment; movement is encouraged by design
  • No training needed to get started standing
  • No complicated presets — just fine-tune to find the sweet spot

4. The desk that can actually boost your productivity 

It’s a given: when you’re more comfortable, you’re more productive. Pneumatic desks, with their precise adjustability, enable you to shift seamlessly to the most comfortable position at any given moment.

Being faster than electric desks means these little adjustments don’t interrupt your work flow. Once you achieve a flow state, any distraction means a 20 minute interval before you get back there again. Pneumatic desks dramatically reduce those pesky interruptions.

  • Increase comfort along with productivity
  • Reduce distracting pauses by adjusting height at pace with your natural movement

5. Durable, long-lasting desks

With fewer components than a motorized desk, a pneumatic system is simply more dependable. Though electric desk motors are known for motor burn-out and failures, pneumatic desks introduce no maintenance or malfunction. So no service calls or power losses, no spikes or collisions.

A well designed pneumatic desk, built with commercial grade materials, can last 30 years or more – a very wise investment over time. Our desks are the only commercial-grade pneumatic standing desk on the market – quality, American-made pneumatic desks designed in Germany, built with Swiss steel.

  • No maintenance or potential for motor burn-out and other electrical malfunctions
  • Can last 30+ years

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6. Safer than an electric, motorized desk

With fewer mechanized components, pneumatic-powered desks are simply safer than electric desks. You’re in complete control of the desk’s movement, so you can stop it instantly during adjustment to avoid pinches and collisions.

What’s more, you aren’t going to cause an electrical fire or damage your standing desk’s lifting system just by spilling your coffee. And there is no risk of fire from a voltage issue or a wiring break.

  • Can stop the desk instantly when adjusting; you control the motion
  • No risk of electric fire when you spill your coffee
  • No chance of voltage or wiring break causing a fire

7. The recyclable, lower carbon footprint desk

A pneumatic desk with a long product lifecycle and a low carbon footprint helps keep our planet green. High quality pneumatic desks (like our Andern and Luften desks) can easily last 30 years or more, and will be built for 100% recyclability. Their electric desk counterparts are subject to motor burn outs and malfunctions, so they’re more apt to become non-functional, with multiple electronic components that aren’t recyclable.

  • Will last 30+ years (whereas electric motors notoriously burn out or malfunction)
  • Fewer parts and no e-waste
  • ~100% recyclable materials without electric motor

8. The most reliable standing desk option

In the world of height adjustable desks, a pneumatic desk is the most reliable desk you can find. The clean pneumatic mechanism reduces the number of parts and wear. And because there is no integrated power in a pneumatic desk, you’ll never struggle to reset the desk after a power outage.

  • Fewer components = fewer failure points
  • No need to reset after power outages

When comparing a pneumatic standing desk vs electric, both have the advantage of a powered assistance to support easy sit-stand transitions. In actual daily use, though, the pneumatic desk simply brings more to the table.