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Should I Buy a Standing Desk?

Standing desks can be extremely beneficial for many people who use desks but sit the majority of their work day. The Standing Desk team is happy to help anyone discover if a standing desk is right for you.

What Is a Standing Desk?

A standing desk is any desk that allows you to work while standing, although generally they are used for computer work. Although some standing desks are in a fixed standing position all the time, most people think of a height adjustable desk when they think of a standing desk. Height adjustable desks have either a manual or powered adjustment mechanism that allows you to switch from sitting to standing with the same piece of furniture. Height adjustable standing desks that have powered assistance come in two main styles: electric and pneumatic. Either type of standing desks is great for those seeking a functional setup that offers flexibility and a more modern aesthetic.

To Stand or Not to Stand: Is Standing Good for You?

We have only so much control over how we spend our days, and 8 long hours at a desk can account for more of it than we like. Factor in any driving time, relaxing time on the couch, and you get the idea. If you have to sit all day, it’s hard for those minutes in the gym and in the yard to make a dent. Stand when you can.

The principal reason people choose standing desks is to have more control over how much they stand throughout the day. Standing has been shown to positively impact:

  • Cardiovascular health: For those concerned with their heart health, sedentary time has been shown to increase the risk of cardiovascular disease mortality. By using a standing desk, you can reduce sedentary time and stay on the right track.
  • Caloric burn: Using a standing desk can impact how many calories you burn in a day, since standing burns more calories than sitting. The difference is modest, but small choices do add up over time, and a height adjustable desk can be just one part of an active lifestyle that encourages movement.
  • Musculoskeletal pain: Too much time in a fixed posture can cause lower back, neck, and shoulder pain. For people who are seeking more mobility or improved posture, a standing desk can help reduce back pain, but only if you have the option to sit and stand at will.

How Long Should You Stand at a Standing Desk?

First time standing desk users have to find the sweet spot between sitting and standing. It’s best to ease in to standing by starting with 30 to 60 minutes a day, and then increasing it gradually. Most experts recommend standing at least 15 minutes for every hour spent sitting, although some people prefer to work for multiple hours standing up. Experiment and find the interval that works best for you.

Are Standing Desks Good for You?

Using standing desks has been proven to be good for most people. In addition to health benefits, positive benefits of utilizing standing desks include:

  • Increased productivity and focus: Standing creates a natural energy boost, and more than one study has shown a correlation between office productivity and standing/moving throughout the day. A height adjustable desk can help you return your focus to the task at hand whenever you become distracted. Consider changing postures when you change tasks, or whenever you feel uncomfortable.
  • Improved mental health: Standing and moving throughout the day correlates to lower stress levels and improved mental health. In one study, workers reported a 54% improvement in mood states when they were allowed to use sit-to-stand desks.

Desks for One & All

Standing desks are great for those who work from home, as well as anyone employed in an office setting. Office managers should consider providing their employees with the option to use standing desks, since standing desks have been shown to increase employee wellbeing and give a greater sense of autonomy. Quality components are essential for the longevity of any piece of office furniture, and top quality, commercial grade desks from The Standing Desk are a timeless, worthwhile investment – far better than non-adjustable desks.

Explore the Best Standing Desks

The Standing Desk offers both pneumatic and electric standing desk models that are tested to BIFMA x5.5 standards for office furniture safety, durability, and performance.

Pneumatic Desks

Pneumatic desks are height adjustable standing desks that use the power of compressed air to lift and lower the desk. The beauty of a pneumatic desk is that it has no cords or electrical components, so they offer lifting assistance that is a little easier on the environment. Pneumatic desks are incredibly quiet and quick to adjust, so they make it easy to flow from one task to the next.

The Standing Desk offers three models of pneumatic desks:

The Andern, a single column pneumatic desk that’s perfectly sized for laptops or single monitor users, with a 40” or 48” wide surface.

The Luften, a twin column pneumatic desk designed for larger monitors, with a 60” wide surface.

The Kloud, a weight adjustable pneumatic desk designed to lift heavier loads up to 150 lbs.

Electric Desks

Electric desks are height adjustable desks with powerful electric motors that lift and lower the desk surface. These desks are well suited for lifting heavier loads. The Standing Desk offers two models with top-of-the-line brushless electric motors that are quieter and longer lasting than brushed motors.

The Oben desk, available with a 48” or 60” wide surface, can lift up to 250 lbs.

The Andern electric, like its pneumatic counterpart, is a single-column desk designed for smaller spaces, with a 40” or 48” wide surface.

Stand More with The Standing Desk

Are standing desks worth it? Yes. Nearly anyone who works at a desk can stand to benefit from improved health, greater productivity, and increased comfort. With a 30-day risk free trial, you can see for yourself how a standing desk brings maximum flexibility to your work day.