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Sit Stand Desk: Your New Favorite Way to Work

A sit stand desk, as the name implies, combines the ability to choose whether to sit or stand while working. Generally, these desks are height adjustable, so you can choose the exact right height for your body in either position.

Are Standing Desks Good for You?

Yes, standing desks are definitely good for you. Research has shown that standing desks are associated with lower blood sugar levels, reduced heart disease risk, reduced back pain, and improvements in mood and energy.

Since standing while working has so many benefits, you might wonder whether it’s best to stand most or all of the time by using a standing desk that stays fixed in the same position. Unlike a fixed standing desk, the benefit of an adjustable desk is that it allows users to work up to standing for longer periods, while also allowing users to change positions whenever they feel the need, which is really the way nature intended.

Numerous studies show the benefits of height adjustable standing desks, including a 2018 trial where participants increased standing time and reported corresponding improvements in job performance, engagement, fatigue, anxiety, and general quality of life.

Benefits of Sit Stand Desks

The benefits of sit stand desks include:

  • Posture improves: By alternating positions using a sit stand desk throughout the day, you engage muscle groups that tend to atrophy when a person is sedentary the entire day.
  • Energy levels increase: The ability to change positions at will using a sit stand desk leads to a natural energy boost that is even more sustainable than caffeine.
  • Productivity increases: When you use a sit stand desk, increased energy and focus help lead to productivity gains in your day.
  • Stress decreases: Muscle tension from remaining in a fixed position all day can lead to headaches and insomnia, which can lead to new or increased stress and anxiety. A sit stand desk provides a great way to change positions whenever you like. When you use a sit stand desk regularly, you can improve your actual work performance and your life outside the workplace as well.
  • Chance of heart related disease reduces: When you stand and move often rather than remaining sedentary, the heart has to work a little harder to pump blood upward, which benefits overall heart health.

How to Use a Standing Desk

Using a sit stand desk is quite intuitive, and is generally driven by your comfort level. When you’re first getting started with a sit stand desk, you may find that you need to remind yourself to alternate between sitting and standing – either standing for certain tasks like phone or video calls, or by standing for several minutes at the beginning of the hour, whatever works for your flow. Most people start standing for a few minutes at a time and then build from there. It’s also important to be sure your desk is adjusted to the correct height, so your spine is in alignment for sitting or standing. As a general rule, imagine a line from your head to your shoulders to your hips that is perpendicular to the floor.

Electric desks and pneumatic desks both provide assistance to raise and lower the desk surface to the desired sitting or standing height. The difference between these types of sit stand desks lies in the mechanism that moves the desk surface. An electric sit stand desk has an electric motor to raise and lower the surface, which is usually operated with the touch of a button. A pneumatic sit stand desk has gas cylinders that compress and expand to operate the desk when a handle is lightly pulled.

Types of Sit Stand Desks

The Standing Desk offers both pneumatic and electric sit stand desk models, and each comes in a range of sizes and colors.

Pneumatic Sit Stand Desks

Pneumatic desks are particularly quiet because of the air-powered cylinders they use to raise and lower the desk surface. In addition, they are remarkably quick and don’t require electricity, so there’s no need for a cord tethering the desk to a wall outlet. With a set of casters, a pneumatic sit stand desk allows you to move your desk wherever you need it, whenever you like.

The Klöud

If you need a large surface area for multiple monitors, or if you tend to keep a heavy load on your desktop, the Klöud is for you. The Klöud is the largest, most heavy-duty pneumatic sit stand desk option, with two surface sizes (60” and 48” width). Choose from four different surface colors and three base colors. This weight adjustable powerhouse lifts up to 150 lbs.

The Lüften

For people who need extra space for a larger monitor, the twin-column Lüften fits the bill. The Lüften offers a roomy 60” surface width, and is available in three base colors and four surface colors.

The Ändern Pneumatic

If you have a small space or you use a laptop or smaller monitor, the Andern is ideal. The Ändern has the same color choices as the Klöud – three for the base, four for the surface. The Ändern is a slightly smaller desk, available with 48” or 40” width surfaces.

Electric Sit Stand Desks

Electric sit stand desks do all the heavy lifting for you, and are capable of lifting some of the heaviest loads by using electric power to raise and lower the desk surface. These robust desks use premium brushless motors make them exceptionally quiet and low maintenance.

The Oben

If your desk needs to support a lot of weight, consider the Oben. The Oben is the largest, most heavy-duty electric sit stand desk. The base is available in three colors options, and the surface is offered in two sizes (60” and 48” width) and four different colors. This model holds up to 250 lbs.

The Ändern Electric

If you prefer an electric desk that fits in a smaller space and works well for your laptop or a smaller monitor, you might prefer the Ändern Electric. The Ändern Electric has the same choices for color customization as the Oben – three for the base, four for the surface. The Ändern is a slightly smaller desk (48” and 40” width surfaces available). And despite the visually light appeal of its single steel column, this sturdy desk can hold up to 150 lbs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Standing Better Than Sitting?

Both standing and sitting have their time and place, which is why our ergonomic desks are easily adjustable.

Is It Good to Stand All Day?

No. Standing with no breaks all day long can lead to muscle strain and fatigue. However, many standing desk users do like to stand for hours at a time, once they’ve built up to it.

How Long Should I Stand a Day?

Best practices generally suggest at least 15 minutes of standing for every hour spent sitting, although this advice is person-dependent. Some people even prefer to work for multiple hours standing up. First time standing desk users should start incrementally and work their way up, doing whatever feels most comfortable for them.

Find the Best Height Adjustable Desk for You

What is the best height adjustable desk? It’s the one that’s right for your space, your desktop setup, and your body. The Standing Desk designs a selection of the quickest and quietest commercial grade sit stand desks on the market. Find the desk that works for you and get ready to start reaping the benefits of a sit stand desk.