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Standing vs. Sitting at Work: Which Is Better?

Is Standing Better Than Sitting?

In an office environment, most people typically sit at a desk for many consecutive hours. As anyone who has worked in an office has probably noticed, sitting for long periods every day has negative effects on physical health and energy levels, which in turn affects productivity.

Why Sitting All Day Isn’t Recommended

Doctors have been encouraging us for years to adopt less sedentary lifestyles. In fact, if you look at the most common health problems in North America, you’ll find that it maps pretty well to the list of reasons not to sit all day. Commonly known side effects of sitting include:

  • Higher chance of weight gain
  • Higher chance of heart related diseases
  • Higher chance of DVT (deep vein thrombosis)
  • Higher chance of back and muscle pain

Sit and Stand to Feel Your Best

Standing all day isn’t the solution, either, especially if you’re tethered to a desk. Standing all day can cause lower back and leg pain, increased risk of blood clots in your legs, and venous diseases. Moderation is the key. A mixture of both sitting and standing is ideal for most people, as it relieves muscle pressure, encourages energy levels to rise, and keeps blood flowing properly.

Levels of Productivity: Standing vs. Sitting

Studies have shown that productivity levels are impacted when workers are standing vs. sitting, and that increased standing time for sedentary workers leads to higher performance. In one study published in the British Medical Journal, researchers found that workers assigned a height adjustable standing desk reported higher levels of work engagement, quality of life, and job performance than their sedentary coworkers. These benefits could stem from the fact that sitting leads to reduced blood flow throughout the body and brain, whereas standing provides better blood flow, and therefore increased focus.

Do You Burn More Calories Standing Than Sitting?

Standing activates more muscles than sitting, so standing actually does burn more calories. The difference is not significant, but like many benefits, it adds up over time. Many people find that standing at a desk motivates them to move mor and burn even more calories. For a little extra calorie burning, incorporate some standing desk exercises that can be completed while standing into your workday.

More Benefits of Standing Desks

Beyond health and productivity benefits, workers report a number of other benefits of standing desks, including:

  • Comfortability – Because you can adjust the desk to the exact right ergonomic height for either posture, a height adjustable desk offers maximum comfort.
  • Versatility – A height adjustable standing desk gives you the best of both worlds – sitting and standing. Having the opportunity to change positions whenever you begin to feel uncomfortable helps people who are affected by musculoskeletal pain.
  • Mobility – Adding casters to a standing desk allows you to move it throughout the office as needed.

The Best Standing Sitting Desks

The Standing Desk offers two different varieties of standing desks – pneumatic and electric. Pneumatic desks offer a cordless, power-free lifting assistance. Electric desks, on the other hand, can lift some of the heaviest loads with ease.

Pneumatic Sit Stand Desks

Pneumatic desks use air-powered cylinders to raise and lower the desk. These quiet desks offer some of the fastest height adjustments available in the industry. Optional casters can be added to easily relocate the desk throughout the office as needed, with no need for a power outlet.

The Klöud

The Klöud is the largest pneumatic desk, offering heavy duty lifting assistance – up to 150 lbs, weight adjustable. The base is available in three colors, and the surface is available in four colors. There are two surface sizes (60” and 48” width) available.

The Lüften

The Lüften also has a 60” width, a surface size that’s ideal for larger monitors. The Luften is also available in three base colors and four surface colors.

The Ändern Pneumatic

The Ändern is also available with the same three color options for the base, and four color options for the surface. A slightly smaller desk (48” and 40” width surfaces available), the Ändern is ideal for laptops or for smaller monitors.

Electric Sit Stand Desks

Electric desks use electric power to raise and lower the desk surface. The electric power makes these standing desks some of the strongest desks available, and the brushless motor provides quiet, durable operation.

The Oben

The Oben is the largest, strongest electric standing desk option. Two surface sizes (60” and 48” width) are available, in four different colors. The base is available in three colors. With its sturdy split leg design, the Oben accommodates up to 250 lbs. weight capacity.

The Ändern Electric

The Ändern Electric is a slightly smaller desk (48” and 40” width surfaces available), ideal for laptops or smaller monitors. This model is available with the same color options as the Oben – three color choices for the base, four for the surface. This sturdy desk holds up to 150 lbs. on its single-column steel frame.

Take a Seat with the Alta Sella Standing Desk Chair

The Alta Sella chair takes ergonomic adjustability to new heights. With an adjustable range from 23” to 31” at the seat, you can position this chair along with your desk to your perfect sitting height, or raise it to your standing height and use it for an occasional rest. With a height adjustable desk and chair, your options are virtually unlimited. The benefits of this chair include:

  • Tall office chair: The Alta Sella is a height-adjustable task stool that can be adjusted high enough to allow an occasional rest at a standing height desk.
  • Easily adjustable: An easy pull handle makes height adjustments simple and intuitive.
  • Versatile: This easy-to-move chair on wheels is ideal for height adjustable standing desks and collaborative spaces.
  • Durable: This rugged office chair holds up to 300 lbs.
  • Comfortable: The Alta Sella features a cushiony molded foam seat with comfortable meshing. Adjustable lumbar support ensures an ergonomic fit to keep your back supported throughout the day.
  • Stylish: The Alta Sella comes in two sleek colors – black or white – to complement your office.

Optimize Your Time at Work with Adjustable Desks

For those of us who spend at least 40 hours a week at our desks, most of us could benefit from a little more time standing vs sitting at work. For a healthier and more productive work day, try a standing desk risk free for 30 days. You’ll never look back.