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Adamstand Speedbench™ Storm
Ergonomic Automotive Work System™

Walk Less. Work More. The Adamstand Speedbench™ holds your tools exactly where you need them. This mobile, height-adjustable work system is revolutionizing how automotive technicians interact with their workspace.

We’ve teamed up with legendary inventor, Joe Adams, who first created the multi-patented Adamstand™ Work Benches in 1989. Now, over three decades later, the new 2023 Adamstand™ Speedbench™ line has received revolutionary upgrades. These upgrades include precision laser-cut options, extruded aluminum, 1/4″ plate steel adjustability, and premium pneumatic height adjustment ranging from 75 to 150 pounds lift assistance, featuring Kesseböhmer premium height-adjustable pneumatics manufactured to the highest German standards.

The Adamstand™ Speedbench™ mobile and stationary units, when applied correctly, create a time-saving system designed to increase productivity in commercial shops, manufacturing environments, as well as commercial shops or home garages. The mobile units can be raised and lowered to the perfect height for any job. The system as a whole enables you to build a more efficient working environment. Adamstand™ is the perfect gift for hobbyists or professional builders.

Optimize Workspace

Taking fewer trips back to the toolbox means your work is completed quicker and more efficiently.

Reduce Back Pain

The height-adjustable work station reduces strain on your back, hips and legs by bringing your work and tools closer to where you need them.

Modular Design

Available options include T-Channel extruded aluminum rails for attaching vices, clamps and other tools, or a bottom shelf for extra equipment.

Speedbench™ Storm

Ergonomic Automotive Work System




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