The Standing Desk offers high-quality, modern sit stand desks for people seeking to transition to using standing desks. 

How Does a Pneumatic Desk Work?

Pneumatic adjustable height standing desks operate completely without electricity, and instead use gas cylinders that compress and expand when actuated to raise and lower the desk surface. The motion is quick, smooth, and quiet as air. 

Types of Pneumatic Desks

The Klöud: The Klöud is the largest, most heavy-duty option in pneumatic standing desks. The base is available in three colors. There are two surface sizes (60” and 48” width) available in four different colors. Holds up to 150 lbs, weight adjustable.

The Ändern Pneumatic: The Ändern has the same choices for color customization as the Klöud – three color options for the base, and four color options for the surface. The Ändern is a slightly smaller desk (48” and 40” width surfaces available), which is ideal for laptops or smaller monitors.

The Lüften: The Lüften also has three base colors and four surface colors. At 60” width, the surface size is good for larger monitors.

The Möbel Desk: The smallest of the desks, the Möbel holds up to 35 lbs. Ideal for smaller spaces, the 17-lb Möbel is simple to move from place to place, and easily converts from a side table to a laptop desk.

Pneumatic Standing Desk vs Electric

Although The Standing Desk offers both kinds of adjustable height standing desks – pneumatic and electric – we find that pneumatic desks are better suited for certain situations and needs.

8 Reasons to Go Pneumatic

Benefits of Pneumatic Standing Desks

The biggest attraction of a pneumatic standing desk vs electric is the most obvious: that pneumatic desks are powered by air, so they require no electricity to operate. Because of that, pneumatic lift standing desks are:

  • Green: With adjustable desks, it’s nice to have more assistance to move the surface up and down than a manual crank mechanism offers. Yet, you may be reluctant to introduce another electric-powered item into your eco-conscious lifestyle. If that’s the case, a pneumatic lift standing desk checks all the boxes – sit/stand capability, air powered assistance, and no electronics or energy consumption.
  • Easy to operate: Pneumatic desks are simple and quick to adjust to standing height, and back again – in about 3 seconds. Electric desks take a little longer to get into just the right position with each adjustment. While the difference is subtle, not having to wait for your desk every time you stand up keeps you in the flow state. You’re likely find yourself subconsciously encouraged to stand more frequently. 
  • Quiet: Like a breath of air, pneumatic desks are practically silent to adjust. Even the quietest electric desks register several decibels higher. And quiet transitions can be surprisingly important when you’re taking an important Zoom call, or if the baby is sleeping in the crib right next to you, or if you have a touchy coworker who notices every sound. 
  • Easy to move: Pneumatic desks are lightweight yet sturdy, untethered from cords, and available with casters. All of this makes moving and even basic room rearrangement as easy as can be. 
  • Safe from spills: Due to the lack of an electric cord, pneumatic desks are not at risk for damage or considered a fire hazard, although electric desks are, to some degree.
  • Versatile: Because they do not require power, pneumatic sit stand desks do not need to be placed near an outlet, giving you more freedom to position your desk wherever you like it in your space – and to reposition it when the mood strikes you.
  • Long lasting: Because pneumatic desks have no motor, the chance of equipment breaks and repairs is drastically reduced. Pneumatic desks can to last up to 30 years, and generate no e-waste, so in the long haul they offer a more sustainable height adjustable desk option. 

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Benefits of Electric Desks

The Standing Desk’s powerful electric desks are faster and quieter than many other electric standing desks on the market. Electric standing desks can be good for some people and situations, as they:

  • Require no effort to raise: With an electric desk, you can simply press a button and it watch it raise to your preferred height. 
  • Lift heavier loads: The Oben desk can lift up to 250 lbs, which is good news for those with larger workstations or multiple monitors. 

Standing Desk Health Benefits

Sitting all day, every day has been linked to serious health risks. There are a number of reasons people choose a standing desk to improve their health, as standing at intervals throughout the workday can: 

Standing Desks and Back Pain

Reviews for Pneumatic Desks

Pneumatic desk reviews? Our customers are not afraid to say what they really think.

Best Pneumatic Standing Desks

What’s the best pneumatic standing desk? The one that best fits your needs and your space. Contact The Standing Desk for help choosing among the best pneumatic standing desks on the market. Then try it free for 30 days to make sure you absolutely love your choice. Because it’s going to last you a good long while.