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Do I Need a Chair for a Standing Desk?

Standing Desk Chair Provides Versatility

The whole point of a standing desk is to stand more at work, reducing overall sedentary time. That leaves many people wondering – do I need a chair for a standing desk? Yes, with a height adjustable desk, a quality chair is recommended to maximize the use of the desk as you you alternate between sitting and standing. The ideal chair for standing desk work depends on how you use your desk. You’ll definitely want a chair to use when the desk is fully lowered, and many people find that a height adjustable chair provides maximum adjustability for an ergonomic work setup.

Standing vs. Sitting at Desk: Which is Better?

Standing at work offers a range of health benefits, including improved posture, decreased stress levels, and reduction in the risk of heart attack or diabetes. To maximize the health benefits of standing desks, a mix of sitting and standing is ideal in the workplace, especially for those new to standing desks. Benefits of integrating sitting time into your standing desk practices include:

  • Greater comfort. Height adjustable desks are designed to let you adjust positions, sitting or standing at will whenever your body signals that it’s time. If you suffer an injury like a broken bone or experience any soreness after a tough workout, you may even want a chair to allow the option to sit comfortably for longer periods, and adjust to a greater range of positions.
  • Less pressure on joints. Alternating sitting time allows your joints in the lower half of your body some time to rest between standing periods.
  • More variety. Sitting at intervals provides a chance to alleviate restlessness from remaining in one position for too long.

How Long Should I Stand a Day?

A general rule of thumb is to stand for 15 minutes out of every hour, though some people can work up to standing for multiple consecutive hours each work day.

Types of Standing Desk Chairs

Several types of chairs and stools are available for standing desks, offering varying levels of support. For many people, a height adjustable task chair like the Alta Sella chair is superior to other forms of stools due to its comfort, adjustable height, and mobility.

Some of the types of standing desk chairs include:

  • Stools – Stools are designed to require workers to engage their core muscles, so they don’t offer back support. Some, like the Sthul, are height adjustable models designed to encourage movement while standing.
  • Saddle chairs – Saddle chairs, which can be height adjustable or fixed height, are designed to keep the hips open.
  • Lumbar support chair – These task chairs offer support for the lower back. The most ergonomic options include sitting task chairs like the Sella, which also offer some height adjustment, and sit/stand height adjustable task chairs like the Alta Sella.

Adjustable Office Chair from The Standing Desk

The Standing Desk offers a variety of ergonomic chairs. For maximum versatility, we highlight the Alta Sella, a standard-to-tall custom task chair to complement height-adjustable standing desks.

Alta Sella Standing Desk Chair

Complete your ergonomic setup with a height adjustable Alta Sella. Its molded foam waterfall seat adjusts from 23” to 31” in height. That means you can position the chair to your perfect sitting height when your desk is lowered, or raise it to your standing height, and use it for an occasional rest.

A tall office chair, the Alta Sella offers features like:

Durability: With a weight limit up to 300 lbs., the Alta Sella is designed for a wide range of users.

Comfort: A cushiony molded foam seat with comfortable meshing ensures comfort, and adjustable lumbar support supports your back throughout the day.

Adjustability: Tailor your lumbar support to the ideal ergonomic position for you. Height adjustments are simple and intuitive as well, with an easy pull handle.

Versatility: Use this chair along with other task chairs for collaborative spaces, roll it into position with a height adjustable standing desk.

Style: The sleek and stylish Alta Sella comes in two colors – black or white – to coordinate with your desk and your office.

Alta Sella Adjustable Task Chair – 0:50

Pair Your Chair with an Adjustable Desk

Pneumatic Desks

The Standing Desk offers pneumatic desks that use air-powered cylinders to raise and lower the desk. Quiet pneumatic desks offer height adjustments that are among the fastest in the industry. Add casters and add the ability to easily relocate the desk throughout the office, without having to search for a power outlet.

The Klöud

The Klöud is the largest pneumatic desk offered, able to lift up to 150 lbs, weight adjustable. There are two surface sizes (60” and 48” width) available, in four colors. The base is available in three colors.

The Lüften

The Lüften’s 60” width surface is ideal for larger monitors. This minimalist desk is offered in three base colors and four surface colors.

The Ändern Pneumatic

With the same three color options for the base, and four color options for the surface, the Ändern is a slightly smaller desk (48” and 40” width surfaces available). This size desk is ideal for laptops or for smaller monitors.

Electric Desks

Designed for some of the heaviest loads, electric desks raise and lower the desk surface with the assistance of electric power. The brushless motor provides quiet, durable operation.

The Oben

The Oben desk is the largest electric desk, with the strongest lifting capacity. Four surface colors and two surface sizes (60” and 48” width) are available. The base is available in three colors. The sturdy Oben offers up to 250 lbs. weight capacity.

The Ändern Electric

A slightly smaller electric desk, Ändern Electric offers a 48” or 40” width surface that is ideal for smaller spaces and laptops or smaller monitors. This model is available with three color choices for the base, four for the surface. The single column frame holds up to 150 lbs.

Get Excited to Sit or Stand at Work

When you spend a lot of time at your desk, it’s important to find an ergonomic setup that fully supports your body in a range of positions. With a height adjustable desk and chair, your options are virtually unlimited. Complete your standing desk office setup with a height adjustable chair from The Standing Desk.