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Standing Desks

8 Reasons You May Want an Electric vs Pneumatic Standing Desk

When you have the option of an electric standing desk vs pneumatic, why would you choose an electric?

When we started out to make the very best ergonomic desks on the market today, we were drawn to the quiet and efficient Newtonian mechanics of the pneumatic desk over the powered electric desks that were available. As we developed our desks and offerings over time, we began to appreciate that some people’s needs really do lean towards an electric desk. If we could make them quieter, faster, and easier to operate, there were some situations where an electric desk really would be the best fit.

The one thing that makes sit/stand transitions truly seamless is a controlled and assisted lift. Both electric and pneumatic desks have the potential to offer some help with the heavy lifting. For anyone searching for a height adjustable desk, the first step is to decide on electric standing desk vs pneumatic.

Where do you start? We can break it down to a few key applications (instances/scenarios) where electric standing desks may have the edge over pneumatic desks.

  1. Heavy loads. All that office equipment can add up, and the load capacity of your desk should not be a limitation. If you expect that the weight on your desktop may exceed 30 pounds or so, an electric height adjustable table is often the best fit. Another alternative is a pneumatic desk with a weight adjustable feature. Weight adjustable pneumatics can generally support more weight than standard pneumatics, and you can adjust it to accommodate different loads whenever your needs and your projects change.
  2. Weight over speed. Perhaps you have time, and patience. And you also have occasionally loads on your desktop. Whatever the reason, for some people, maximum weight load is more of a concern than everyday speed. (Even if it is, you should still try to find the fastest electric HAT.)
  3. Some people appreciate adjusting their desk at the push of a button. We get that. If you feel that moving your desk with an electric motor and a push of a button is just more appealing than pulling a handle, find an electric desk that satisfies your preference.
  4. Individual ergonomics. An electric desk can be a great fit if you have a condition such as arthritis that makes it difficult to pull a release handle or to apply light effort when you raise and lower the desk. The important thing is that the movement is comfortable for you, or whoever else is using the desk.
  5. If you need a very short start height (24” vs. 27.5)” or greater stroke range (48” vs. 45.5”), a 3 stage electric can provide those greater ranges.
  6. Desk configuration. If you need a 3 or more legs to support your work surface, such as an L-shaped desk or large conference table, an electric standing desk is a great fit.
  7. Stable power. Maybe your power never goes out, so it’s not a big deal if your electric height adjustable table gets stuck in a certain position due to a power outage.
  8. Possible child safety issues related to cords and pinch points may not be a big factor in your office. Perhaps you don’t often have children in the work area, or you can arrange the office to minimize hazards.

Which is the right standing desk for you, pneumatic or electric? There’s no right or wrong answer. In the end, it’s the one that fits your work day and allows you the easiest and most frequent transitions from sitting to standing. It’s that simple.