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If you’ve noticed a lot more people standing around the office lately, there’s a reason. Standing desks are the fastest-growing employee benefit, with 60% of employers already offering the perk. With all that buzz, you may be saying yes, but…

As with anything, it depends.

Maybe the best question is whether it is worth ditching an existing traditional desk for a standing desk.

Overwhelmingly the answer is yes, IF*

You’re concerned about your health

We’ve known that sitting all day has several negative health effects like increased risk of cancer, type 2 diabetes, back pain. But standing in one position for long periods correlates to other issues like varicose veins, cardiovascular disease, and joint issues. The sweet spot and real health benefits comes in the middle, somewhere between sitting all day and standing all day.

you’d like to boost your energy and productivity

Studies have shown that standing desk users report less stress and fatigue at the end of the day. In fact, 87% reported feeling more energized throughout the day. That’s better than an extra cup of coffee.

you want to burn more calories

There’s some evidence that standing at a desk rather than sitting all day slightly increases the amount of calories burned . It’s not enough to replace healthy diet and exercise, but most of us who work at a desk could stand to burn a few more calories.

you get uncomfortable sitting

After 8 hours sitting at a desk, you may notice a stiff back, cracking hips, neck pain, and headaches. That’s because sitting causes spinal discs to bulge and creates strain on the back. Remaining in one position makes it even worse by reducing hydration between the discs. To reduce some of that strain, you have to switch to a different position from time to time, which is the whole idea behind standing desks.

How can you make sure your standing desk investment is worth it in the long run?

Choosing the right model will enhance the odds that you’ll become a big fan of your standing desk. For longevity, choose a well-designed, commercial quality desk that doesn’t have a lot of electronic parts to wear out. Search for a model that looks appealing, works well, and fits ergonomically – both as a sitting desk and as a standing desk. Most people who actually use a standing desk become big fans, which accounts for their popularity as a workplace perk. If you do use a standing desk, by all means maximize your gains by using it the best possible way. A few simple tips are all it takes to make sure you’re getting the most out of a standing desk, and keep reaping those benefits for the long haul.