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Our team is committed to helping you create your ideal workspace both on-site and working remotely. For 5 decades we’ve built contract-grade furniture that is made to adapt to a user’s needs. Try it out with our 30-day risk-free trial and fast & free delivery.

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Years of Practice

For over 50 years, our parent company Kesseböhmer Ergonomics, has provided OEM’s with world-class guidance on issues of ergonomics in the workplace. We can help you design a collection of height-adjustable furniture that meets the needs of all types of workers and work environments.

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“I have a small business and I bought the Klöud and Lüften desks. I couldn’t be happier with the desks, prices, quality, and customer service. I recommend the company and the desks!”

Ben HShopper
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Man working at Standing Desk

Why Buy Standing Desks for Your Team?

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The Scoop about Weight Capacity and Standing Desks So you’re in the market for a sit stand height adjustable desk – maybe a pneumatic standing…
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Standing Desk Converters

So you want to take on the sit-stand lifestyle. And you’re comparing the top two height-adjustable solutions: standing desk converters and height-adjustable desks. How do…
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4 Tips for Requesting a Standing Desk from Work

How to Successfully Request a Standing Desk at Work In the ever-evolving workplace of 2024, the conversation around employee well-being and ergonomic workspaces has taken…
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Your Guide to Electric Motorized Standing Desks

This is a guide and an introduction to electric standing desks. How do they work, and how do they compare to other types of standing…
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Your new standing desk should be BIFMA tested
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How Do Standing Desks Affect Back Pain?
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