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The Original Kloud and the Nimbus Pneumatic Standing Desk

What Sets Them Apart?

The Kloud
Power-free, counterbalanced, and comes with a patented weight adjustable mechanism to increase load capacity up to 150lbs.
The Nimbus
Based on the Kloud design the Nimbus is power-free, counterbalanced, and works great with any load of up to 3 monitors.

What Makes a Premium Pneumatic Desk?

All standing desks are cool. They offer flexibility, comfort, improved focus, and a whole host of standing desk health benefits.

And power free pneumatic standing desks are especially cool. With their cord-free air-powered adjustment, they offer even more flexibility in the office.

But not all pneumatic standing desks are the same.

Counterbalance Makes All the Difference

One design challenge with split-leg pneumatic desks is how to keep the legs in sync when they raise and lower, especially when there is more weight on one side of the desktop. Without counter balancing, differences in friction mean that the sides don’t raise at the same rate. The result is unevenness, misalignment, and premature wear.

The problem is not with pneumatics – it’s design. A premium, long-lasting pneumatic desk needs a counterbalancing mechanism to make sure that off-center loads are never a problem.

The Original Kloud: a Pneumatic Standing Desk for Maximum Flexibility

The counterbalanced Kloud pneumatic desk was designed to be the most advanced power-free desk ever: a height adjustable pneumatic desk with the ability to outperform motorized desks.

The Kloud is more than a mobile, pneumatic standing desk. It’s counterbalanced, so it lifts perfectly regardless of the load. And it’s also weight adjustable up to 150 lbs, so you can dial it into your exact needs. The Kloud is a one-of-a-kind standing desk you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

How does a weight adjustable standing desk work? The desk is preset to a 50 lb load capacity, which is ideal for a laptop or single monitor user. If you add more monitors or other equipment, you can adjust the desk for optimal performance, up to 150 lbs.

The Nimbus: a Pneumatic Standing Desk for Everybody

Realistically, most people who use a standing desk operate with the same few items on their desk day in and day out – a laptop, a monitor or two, a keyboard, a phone, and a few accessories. They may never have a need to add a great deal of weight or subtract much.

For them we created the Nimbus, a pneumatic desk with all the beauty of the Kloud, without the weight adjustment. The Nimbus pneumatic desk is a premium workstation crafted for users who appreciate the power free, counterbalanced pneumatic desk, but don’t need the hefty weight adjustability of the Kloud.

What’s the Difference Between the Kloud and the Nimbus Pneumatic Standing Desk?

The difference between the Kloud and the Nimbus primarily boils down to weight adjustability. The Nimbus is designed for the most common desk setup, 1-3 monitors and typical desk content, around 50lbs. The Kloud is designed for users who want power-free weight adjustability up to 150lbs.

  • Standing Desk Surface Sizes: The original Kloud is available with either a 30” x 48” surface or a 30” x 60”. The Nimbus is available in the most popular size, 30” x 60”.
  • Standing Desk Weight Capacity: The original Kloud weight adjustable desk can lift and lower a total of up to 150 lbs without user assistance beyond a light push in the right direction. Depending on the work surface chosen, that amounts to an additional 90-95 lbs weight in addition to the surface weight. On the other hand, the Nimbus pneumatic desk is designed to lift and lower up to 100 lbs, or a 50 lb surface plus up to 50 lbs. of additional weight.
  • Pneumatic Desk Height Adjustability: Both the Kloud and the Nimbus pneumatic desk have an adjustment range of 28.25 to 48 inches. With casters, add another 1.5 inches.

Single- and Double-Column Pneumatic Standing Desk Designs

Other standing desk designs also take advantage of pneumatic lift, with a single or double center-column design, offering the appeal of a free-floating pneumatic height adjustable standing desk.

The Best Pneumatic Standing Desk for You

Whether it’s electric or pneumatic, weight adjustable or fixed weight, choose a height-adjustable standing desk that fits your setup, your body, and your space. In the end, the best standing desk for you is the one that you will use the most.