Base Color

  • 1

    White (939200007 9010)

  • 1

    Silver (939200007 9980)

  • 1

    Black (939200007 9011)


  • Cable Management

    Cable Management

    • 1

      White (937900010 9826)

    • 1

      Silver (937900010 9959)

    • 1

      Black (939200016 9005)

  • Rolling Castors

    Rolling Castors

    • 1

      4 Locking Castors $18 (939001981 9005)





Ditch the electric desk for the carbon friendly alternative.

Weight Adjustable

With an adjustable load of up to 150lbs the Kloud works for any set up.

The Fastest

3 seconds to lift your desk means you'll use it more.

Premium Performance

Superior components and performance means this is the last desk you'll need.

Future of Pneumatic Desks

A power-free desk that outperforms motorized desks. The Klöud is weight adjustable, pneumatic, mobile & counterbalanced so you can dial it in to your exact needs.

German Components, Swiss Steel, Made in Michigan

Kloud Details

Desk & Work Surface

Desk Weight Capacity
Adjustable up to +150lbs.
Adjustable Range
With glides the lowest point is 28.25″, the highest point is 48“ (casters add 1.5″).
Desk Materials
Square steel powder-coated base and a durable Formica finish work surface with a recycled wood substrate.
Lifting Speed
Lifts and lowers in less than 3 seconds.
Lifts and lowers evenly every time, even with an off-centered load.


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What is covered by the 5-year warranty
• Desk base assembly and all its components
• Work Surface
• Defective materials or workmanship of the base affecting the operation of the height-adjustable desk