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Luften Base

Build Summary

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Power-Free I-Style

Weight capacity for larger monitor with a low visual profile - floating desk look.

Dual Monitor Ready

Dual column base works for multiple monitors.

The Fastest

3 seconds to lift your desk means you'll use it more.

Mobile Workstation

Superior components and performance means this is the last desk you'll need.

Future of Pneumatic Desks

Pneumatic and cord free, the Luften desk has the roomy desktop and twin-columned strength for larger monitors.

“A pneumatic standing desk with a floating look that’s sure to turn heads.”

German Components, Swiss Steel, Made in Michigan

Luften Details

Desk & Work Surface

Desk Weight Capacity
The ideal weight capacity is around 40 – 50lbs. Most people have about 15lbs on their desk.
Adjustable Range
With glides the lowest point is 27.75″, the highest point is 45.25″ (casters add 1.5″)
Desk Materials 
Square steel powder-coated base and a durable Formica finish work surface with recycled wood substrate.
Worksurface Size & Desk Base
30″ x 60″ worksurface and an asymmetrical trapezoid base (38″ wide In the front)
Lifting Speed
The Lüften lifts and lowers in 3 seconds. That’s 8x faster than any electric desk.
Work Surface
Formica finish, 1.12″ thick, 30×60″ weighs 59lbs


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What is covered by the 5-year warranty
• Desk base assembly and all its components
• Work Surface
• Defective materials or workmanship of the base affecting the operation of the height-adjustable desk