The Klöud


Power free pneumatic desk
30″x48″ or 30″x60″ work surface
Weight adjustable up to 150lbs
Lifts and lowers in 3 seconds
Fast & free shipping | 5-year warranty



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The most advanced power free desk...Ever

The Klöud took years to develop. We set out to create a power-free desk that work like a motorized desk, and we did just that. Not only is the desk power free but it is also counterbalanced - which means it will lift and lower perfectly even with heavy loads on one side. The thing that makes the Klöud truly unique is that the user can adjust the weight capacity to their specific need.

If you’re looking for the best

power free

weight adjustable


standing desk

this is it…

Work Surface Colors

4 classic tones that will look great and perform for the life of you desk. 

Neutral Twill
Urban Oak
Graphite Twill
Dover White

The Klöud Base

Already have a great work surface? Use our pneumatic base to make it a standing desk.

Desk Details


Desk Weight Capacity

The Klöud gives the user freedom to find the perfect fit up to +150lbs

Lifting Speed

The Klöud lifts and lowers in about 3 seconds. This is 8X's faster than electric desks

Desk Materials

Square steel powder coated column and a durable Formica finish work surface with recycled wood substrate

Adjustable Range

With glides the Klöud's lowest point is 28.25 inches and its highest point is 48 inches (Casters add1.5 inches)

Mobile Workstation

Add casters to the Klöud desk and you have a mobile workstation in your office

Dimensional Drawings

Dimensions in inches [millimeters]

I got my desk set up yesterday. I have to say, this Kloud desk is a super high quality product. The lift mechanism works really well, even with about 70 pounds on it. Nice and sturdy. More people should be looking at pneumatic over electrics. I hope you guys can keep getting the word out about your products.

Tom K

What is a counterbalanced desk?

We’re glad you asked…