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How Tall Should a Standing Desk Be?

Sit Stand Desks Height

For anyone who wants to stand comfortably at their desk, finding the right desk height is important. Although some standing desks are designed to remain fixed at a standing height, most people find that height adjustable standing desks, which can alternate between sitting and standing heights, offer more flexibility. We’ll focus on height adjustable desks that allow a variety of positions and help achieve optimal health standards.

The Ideal Standing Desk Height

The ideal standing desk height varies from person to person—it must be personalized depending on the height of the user. Even between people who are the same height, the exact right height of a desk could vary depending on the type of work each person is conducting.

The right height for a standing desk also depends on the type of work you’ll be doing. Most height recommendations are for typical office work, like computer work. For typical computer usage, the elbow method works. In other words, the desk height should be at about the level of your elbow.

People who engage in work that is done closer to the desk surface may find a need to adjust the height higher or lower than elbow level. For close-up work like model building, you’ll naturally need to adjust the optimal table height up for better vision and control. And for heavy work like woodworking, you’ll need to adjust the optimal table height lower.

You can get an approximation of the right standing desk height based on our table of standing desk heights, although some fine-tuning will be necessary.

Finding the Right Desk Height for You

To find the right desk height for you, stand straight in front of the desk, stretch your hands down, and bend your arms at the elbow so that they are at 90º to the floor. Be sure to factor in keyboard height by adjusting the work surface height slightly lower than your elbow.

Why Does Proper Height for Standing Desks Matter?

Finding the right height adjustable standing desk is one of the most important ways to ensure an ergonomic workstation setup. People who don’t adjust their desk to the right height could experience easily avoidable neck or back pain (and/or wrist and arm pain), or general discomfort, as the result of a desk height that isn’t specific to them.

Comfort is your best guide, so if you find you’re not comfortable at the end of the day, make an adjustment. More comfortable positioning=less pain=more productivity and less stress.

Ergonomic Monitor Height

After adjusting the work surface height, optimize the standing desk experience by ensuring that the height of a monitor is comfortable as well to prevent eye strain and neck strain. In most cases, it’s best to place the monitor so the top of the screen sits just below eye level, and then tilt it 10 degrees upward. If you wear bifocal lenses, move the monitor a little lower for best results.

Place the monitor so the screen is a comfortable arm’s length from your face to prevent shoulder and neck strain. The ideal distance is usually between 20 and 40 inches, depending on monitor size.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Pneumatic or Electric Standing Desks Better?

Both styles of desks – pneumatic desks and electric desks – have their unique strengths. When it comes to finding the right height, both can be adjusted to the exact right spot. Pneumatic desks adjust to that exact right height faster than other types of sit stand desks, which saves time and distraction. On the other hand, if your desk needs to be able to handle loads heavier than typical office requirements, electric desks can be very heavy duty. The Standing Desk offers both types of height adjustable desks – electric desks and pneumatic desks.

How Often Should You Stand Up from Your Desk?

Finding the perfect ratio of standing vs sitting also varies from person to person. Upon first using an adjustable standing desk, users may only stand for a few minutes at a time. Over time, it is recommended to stand for some amount of time every hour. The most important thing to remember is that a mix of sitting and standing is the best way for desk users to reap the health and productivity benefits of a standing desk.

Does The Standing Desk Carry Chairs for Standing Desks?

Yes, The Standing Desk carries several comfortable, adjustable, ergonomic chair models, including models with arm and lumbar support for adjustable height desks.

What Desk Heights Are Offered by The Standing Desk?

The Standing Desk offers a range of height adjustable desks to fit most bodies.

The Klöud has an adjustable range of 28.25″—48″ (casters add 1.5″)

The Lüften, The Andern and The Andern Electric — 27.75″—to 45.25″ (casters add 1.5″)

The Oben has an adjustable range of 23.57″—46.75″ (casters add 1.5″)

Get Your Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Tailor your workplace to your exact needs. A fully adjustable standing desk allows you to find the perfect standing desk height regardless of who is using the desk. Choose the best standing desk for you and get ready to enjoy a more comfortable workday.